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The “NEW” IQT news home page with participation from Zurich Instruments

By IQT News posted 06 Dec 2021

(By Staff Writer) IQT News continues to evolve.  Subtle changes have been made to the home page design as well as a new “zones” feature that allows organizations to have their own home page included at IQT News.  The first organization to participate in this “zones” offering is Zurich Instruments known for its cutting-edge instrumentation in advanced laboratories.  Other changes are the recently added “quantum stocks zone,” updated information about IQT events and IQT research reports as well as an enhanced area for IQT podcasts.  We continue to bring our readers both original news as well as the best news of the days aggregated from the web.  Those seeking more information about the zones program can email info@3drholdings.com.

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