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The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) Joining the UK Quantum Sensors Project

(ElectronicsWeekly) The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is joining the Quantum Sensors project – to develop sensors for revolutionising quality assessment and battery grading in the manufacturing line.
The Quantum Sensors project is a collaboration between 11 partners in the supply chain to develop a pilot scale system capable of continuous end-of-line testing of battery cells using optically pumped magnetometers (OPMs).
The system will feature an array of OPMs, which act as quantum sensors to detect the small magnetic field given off by healthy lithium cells. This technique can be used to monitor the quality of battery cells on the production line in order to quickly reject faulty cells and provide detailed quality assurance.
This project will involve the development of a UK supply chain for the manufacturing of OPMs, including vapour cell production, laser manufacture, optical packaging, magnetic shielding, electronic control and data processing systems. The end goal of the project is the creation of a pilot scale battery testing system that can be implemented within a trial production line.(

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