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Thales Enterprise Security Blog Warns that Quantum Computers Could Pose a Threat to Digital Life As We Know It

(Blog.ThalesGroup) This Thales Enterprise Security blog by by Aline Gouget explains that quantum computers could pose a threat to digital life as we know it.
countries need to be aware that when quantum cryptanalysis does become available, it will significantly affect international relations by making any broadcast communications in the state open to decryption. For countries that extensively rely on encryption to secure military operations, diplomatic correspondence or other sensitive data, this could be a watershed event.
As quantum computers continue to improve, businesses and the general public will become increasingly aware of the threat cryptographic systems pose to all digital security globally. The ability to update cryptographic algorithms, keys and certificates quickly in response to advances in cracking techniques and processing speed will therefore be key.
Business and technology strategists must monitor progress on the evolution and potential implications of quantum computing starting now. Confidential data, over-the-air software updates, identity management systems, connected devices, and anything else with long-term security obligations must be made quantum safe before large quantum computers are developed and are reliable, meaning their error rates are low.
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