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Tencent Quantum Lab’s Zhang Shengyu Says Commercial Applications for Quantum Computing Still in Early Stage

(SCMP) Tencent Quantum Lab director Zhang Shengyu commented that commercial applications for quantum technology are still a distant reality. Quantum computing is still in an early stage, and Zhang called for open discussion and collaborative communication in order to develop the technology.

Tencent Quantum Lab to Connect Theory with Practical Applications
Tencent Quantum Lab, set up early last year, “aims to connect fundamental theory with practical applications in the fast-growing sector of quantum information technology,” according to its website.
Zhang, who was a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before he joined Tencent Quantum Lab last January, said he hoped companies and academic institutions would continue communicating openly in order to develop the technology.
“In my view, most top talents in quantum computing originate from universities,” Zhang Shengyu said. “Universities and companies remain the two important places for quantum computing and the beauty of serving for a company is that we can work with people who have different research backgrounds.”

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