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Tel Aviv University Launches Center for Quantum Science & Technology

(NoCamels) Tel Aviv University launched its new Center for Quantum Science and Technology this week, bringing together some 20 research labs from across university faculties that focus on different aspects of the field.
The new center will focus on three key aspects, according to the university: study programs in relevant tracks such as quantum computing and quantum communication; research enabling quantum collaborations between researchers from different disciplines such as sensors, chemistry, physics and mathematics; and international ties with research centers and corporations such as Google, IBM and Microsoft which are developing quantum technologies.
The center will recruit new faculty members, organize conferences and workshops, and offer scholarships and fellowships for students.
“The new center will serve as a dedicated hub of quantum science and technology and a roof for the extensive activities carried out on campus, while promoting collaborations at both the national and international levels,” said TAU Rector Professor Yaron Oz in a university statement.

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