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The ‘Tech Whisperer’ Discusses what Quantum Computing Could Mean for Society

(LiveMint) “Tech Whisperer” Jaspreet Bindra has provided a precise but non-technical explanation of what quantum computing could mean. Bindra cautions that it’s hard to fully answer this question–as we are venturing into an entirely new area, and the future will reveal applications we have not even imagined yet. It’s a bit like classical computing. We did not know how it will totally revolutionize our world. In the same manner, quantum computing could be a game-changer for many industries.
Bindra uses the example of big data and analytics. We produce 3 exabits of data every day, equivalent to 300,000 Libraries of Congress. Classical computers are reaching their limits of processing power. However, with exponentially more powerful quantum computers, we could spot unseen patterns in large data sets, integrate data from different data sets, and tackle the whole problem at once. This would be rocket fuel for artificial intelligence (AI), with quantum computing offering quick feedbacks and collapsing the learning curve of machines. This will make AI more intuitive, expand to various industries and help build artificial general intelligence.
Quantum computing could speed up drug development by reviewing multiple molecules simultaneously, quickly sequencing individual DNAs for personalized drugs. Another application lies in weather forecasting and, more importantly, climate-change predictions.

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