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Tata Consultancy launches quantum computing lab on AWS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which has a long working relationship with AWS and already operates an AWS Business Unit providing cloud-based technology services to enterprises, has launched the TCS Quantum Computing Lab on AWS to help enterprises explore, develop, and test quantum-related business solutions and accelerate the adoption of quantum computing.

The lab will leverage the Amazon Braket cloud-based quantum computing service to create a virtual research and development environment. TCS plans to use the lab to develop new use cases addressing business challenges that currently defy the capabilities of classical computing, build domain-centric performance benchmarks, and drive hackathons, TCS said in a statement. The company added that it aims to design transformational solutions in areas like portfolio risk evaluation, secure communication ecosystems, predicting customer behavior, and production planning.

TCS said it has been investing in quantum computing research for more than four years, has two related patent filings, and has made progress toward advancing artificial intelligence, optimization, cryptography, and digital security. TCS also contributes to standard bodies and various government initiatives in quantum computing.

“The TCS Quantum Computing Lab on AWS enables customers to evaluate with agility, the true potential of what quantum technology can realize for their core business operations. It provides a collaborative ecosystem to ideate, incubate, and test new ideas on Amazon Braket,” said Krishna Mohan, Global Head, AWS Business Unit, TCS. “Our customers can jumpstart their quantum computing journey by taking advantage of the investments TCS has made in this powerful technology, backed by our strong partnership with AWS.”

The Tata announcement comes after AWS earlier this month made news with a research achievement in the field of quantum networking.

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