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Taro Shimada, Corporate Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Toshiba Corporation, to Keynote ‘Quantum Communications Day’ at IQT Oct 29

(IQT.Europe) Taro Shimada, Corporate Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Toshiba Corporation, will keynote IQT Europe October 29. Toshiba is the sponsor of the “Quantum Communication Day” October 29, 2020.
Taro Shimada joined Toshiba in October 2018 as Corporate Digital Business Chief Strategy Officer. In April 2019 he was appointed Chief Digital Officer, responsible for supporting Toshiba’s digital transformation and spearheading strategic business creation and promotion.
In carrying out these responsibilities, Mr. Shimada draws on a wealth of experience in hardware development, including aircraft; in process consultation ranging from automobiles to precision machinery design and heavy industry; and in product life cycle management software. An expert in Factory Automation, he has advised many of Japan’s leading global manufacturers on digitization, and is currently an advisor to the Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative, and to the IoT Acceleration Lab. He has also contributed to the activities of Industrie 4.0 in Germany and Connected Industries in Japan.
Mr. Shimada began his career in1990 at ShinMaywa Industries Kobe, where he worked on aircraft for Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. In 1999 he joined Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, a part of Siemens, and took on a series of progressively senior post at Siemens KK, and at Siemens HQ in Germany. Immediately prior to joining Toshiba, Mr. Shimada was Executive Operating Officer at Siemens K.K.
Mr. Shimada is a graduate of Konan University. His relaxes by playing the drums, and enjoys all genres of music.

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12:30 CET
(7:30 A.M. EDT)
Chairperson opens conference

Speaker: Christopher Bishop – Chairperson, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers

12:35 CET
(7:35 A.M. EDT)
Review of the day ahead

Speaker: Lawrence Gasman – Inside Quantum Technology, President

12:40 CET
(7:40 A.M. EDT)
Message from our sponsor
12:45 CET
(7:45 A.M. EDT)
Keynote: Sponsor

Speaker 1: Taro Shimada — Corporate Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Toshiba Corporation

Speaker 2: Paul Crane — Converged Network Research Director, BT

13:15 CET
(8:15 A.M. EDT)
Evolution of the Quantum Internet

Moderator: Christopher Bishop

Speaker 1: Mathias Van Den Bossche — Director, Telecommunication and Navigation Systems R&D, Thales Alenia Space

Speaker 2: Saikat Guha — Director, NSF Center for Quantum Networks Associate Professor of Optical Sciences, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona

Speaker 3: Prineha Narang — CTO, Aliro Quantum, Evolution of the Quantum Internet

14:00 CET
(9:00 A.M. EDT)
Markets for QKD systems

Moderator: Lawrence Gasman

Speaker 1: Andrew Shields — Head of Quantum Technology at Toshiba Europe

Speaker 2: Axel Foery — Executive VP Quantum-Safe Security, ID Quantique

14:40 CET
(9:40 A.M. EDT)
Break – Visit the Network Lounge
15:00 CET
(10:00 A.M. EDT)

Speaker: Stephanie Wehner — Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor at Delft University of Technology and Roadmap Leader of the Quantum Internet and Networked Computing initiative at QuTech

15:30 CET
(10:30 A.M. EDT)
Message from our sponsor
15:35 CET
(10:35 A.M. EDT)
Applications and use cases for quantum communications

Moderator: Jesse Robbers

Speaker 1: Andrew Thain — Quantum Communications Point of Contact, Airbus

Speaker 2: Valerio Pruneri — ICREA Industrial Professor, Corning Inc. chair and Group Leader at ICFO, ICFO

16:05 CET
(11:05 A.M. EDT)
Quantum-safe solutions

Moderator: Jesse Robbers

Speaker 1: Bruno Huttner — Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, ID Quantique

Speaker 2: Jaya Baloo — Chief Information Security Officer, Avast Software s.r.o.

Speaker 3: Michele Mosca — Founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing, Professor in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo

16:35 CET
(11:35 A.M. EDT)
Accelerating quantum technologies for communication and sensing

Speaker: David Awschalom — Director, Chicago Quantum Exchange

17:05 CET
(12:05 P.M. EDT)
End of day – Chairperson closes

Speaker: Christopher Bishop – Chairperson, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers

17:30 CET
(12:30 P.M. EDT)
Networking Lounge Closes


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