Inside Quantum Technology

T-Labs, Deutsche Telecom’s R&D Arm Participating in Germany’s Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence Project

(MobileEurope) T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom’s R&D arm, is participating in the Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence (PlanQK) project set up by Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Economy.
Within this framework, DT is researching and testing potential use cases, particularly from the perspective of a network operator.
The project’s goal is to evaluate and demonstrate the applicability of quantum technology for use at DT and to stop any single company from becoming dominant and setting de facto industry standards.
This project is targeted at ensuring the development and establishment of a vendor-independent platform and associated ecosystem for quantum-assisted artificial intelligence. Users could then, for example, compile solutions for their company or commission them via the cloud or a quantum app store.

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