Inside Quantum Technology

Superconducting Material that Naturally Exists in a Quantum State Could Be Game-Changer

( Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University have discovered a material that might just fast-track the creation of quantum computers.
The team’s research describes a superconducting material, β-Bi2Pd, that naturally exists in a quantum state without the additional influence of magnetic fields usually needed for such an effect. The authors write that the low-maintenance, stability of this material makes it a perfect candidate for designing quantum systems.
“We’ve found that a certain superconducting material contains special properties that could be the building blocks for technology of the future,” the paper’s first author, Yufan Li, said in a press release. “A ring of β-Bi2Pd already exists in the ideal state and doesn’t require any additional modifications to work. This could be a game changer.”

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