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How to Submit Nominations to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee

(GeekWire) The National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee is soliciting for its advisory committee. Click here to read the Federal Register with additional information on how to apply.  Nominations are to be emailed by October 4 to:
In a statement announcing the search for advisory committee members, White House chief technology officer Michael Kratsios noted that the Trump administration “has identified quantum information science as a critical ‘Industry of the Future’ that will grow the economy, enhance national security and benefit the American people.”
The committee will provide advice and recommendations to the president, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and the National Science and Technology Council’s Subcommittee on Quantum Information Science. Such advice will guide implementation of the National Quantum Initiative, alert the administration to trends in the field, and help policymakers determine whether national security and economic considerations are being adequately addressed.

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