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Strangeworks Offers Exclusive Early Access to IBM Qiskit Runtime

(HPC.Wire) Strangeworks announced that it is the first IBM partner to offer exclusive early preview access to Qiskit Runtime, a new service offered by IBM Quantum that streamlines computations requiring multiple iterations. Access is available now in the Strangeworks ecosystem and family of products including both the Strangeworks QC community platform as well as the Strangeworks EQ enterprise platform.
Qiskit Runtime, announced earlier this year, is a containerized service for quantum computers. Rather than accumulating latencies as code passes between a user’s device and the cloud-based quantum computer, developers can run their program in the Qiskit Runtime execution environment, where IBM’s hybrid cloud reduces the time between executions.
Users of the Strangeworks ecosystem can take advantage of this exciting new technology for free starting today via a dedicated IBM 7-qubit quantum computer. By registering at, users can utilize the full assortment of Qiskit Runtime programs currently offered by IBM Quantum, as well as additional Runtime programs as they become available.
“Our partnership with Strangeworks is the first step in evolving how IBM Quantum works with our partners to further define the market and democratize quantum computing,” said Aparna Prabhakar, VP, Partner Ecosystem & Strategic Alliances, IBM Quantum. “Strangeworks is providing developers the ability to integrate Qiskit Runtime programs directly into their projects. This is a great step towards extending access to developers who want to work with quantum circuits and classical processing.”
Now available to Strangeworks users are the following Qiskit Runtime programs:
Circuit Runner Program – A program that takes one or more circuits, compiles them, executes them, and optionally applies measurement error mitigation.
Quantum Kernel Alignment Program – A quantum kernel alignment algorithm that learns, on a given dataset, a quantum kernel maximizing the support vector machine (SVM) classification margin.
VQE Program – A Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) to find the minimal eigenvalue of a Hamiltonian.

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