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Staying a Step Ahead with Quantum Key Distribution

By IQT News posted 27 Oct 2021

(SPONSORED FROM ID QUANTIQUE) Quantum technologies are evolving at speed, with investment from state governments and global corporations helping to drive research and innovation across many sectors. Progress in quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum communications will allow unprecedented achievements which will greatly benefit mankind. Quantum computing’s exponential computational power will create a world of opportunities across almost every aspect of modern life. Some of the most notable examples are finance, machine learning, pharma and medical research. However, with great opportunities also come significant challenges.

With the age of quantum computing drawing ever-closer, traditional encryption methods are at risk. While brute force attacks can take months to break through security, quantum attacks will use more advanced techniques to break standard public key cryptography in a much shorter timeframe. Moreover, the threat posed by quantum computers still affects data today – the “download now, decrypt later” attack vector means that (encrypted) sensitive data can be downloaded today & analyzed offline when a quantum computer is available.

The only solution to provide proven secrecy of encryption keys and to reach long-term confidentiality is to implement quantum-safe encryption today. Using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) – also known as quantum cryptography – now will provide immediate protection to data in the face of today’s brute force attacks, ensure that data with a long shelf life is protected against future attacks and safeguard high-value data in a post-quantum computing world.

QKD leverages the fundamental principle of quantum physics that observation causes perturbation. This means that if a key is intercepted (by a hacker) as it is transmitted through a quantum communication channel, the sender will be alerted, and the exchanged key will be ignored and not used for encryption.

In our digital world where data is undeniably an organization’s most precious asset, making it secure is therefore paramount. Getting prepared to a paradigm shift such as Quantum Computing is a challenge, but it must be done in order to safeguard business continuity. Timing is of the essence here and the transition must be considered as a journey. Every step completed adds a layer of trust and preparedness. At ID Quantique, we believe it is time to act now to stay a step ahead particularly for governments and enterprises which must protect data for five to ten years or more.

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Helping organizations build a trusted future

As a leading security solution provider, ID Quantique (IDQ) has commercialized Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems that generate and distribute provably secure keys, to safely encrypt data, once and for all.

Since 2007, IDQ’s QKD solutions have been deployed around the world to secure data for banks and financial institutions, governments, communications networks, critical infrastructure and medical organizations. IDQ’s QRNG solutions are also in place around the world, with the Quantis QRNG chip having recently been miniaturized for use in mobile and IoT applications, and embedded in three smartphones, setting a new standard for phone and app security.

Introducing a new series of QKD

Based on 14 years of commercial deployment and customer feedbacks, IDQ has launched, at IQT, its 4th generation of QKD: the XG series. 2 models compose this series: the Cerberis XG, for enterprise, government and telco production environments and the recently launched Cerberis XGR, for academia, research institutes and innovation labs.



IDQ’s Cerberis XG is smaller (1U compact chassis), provides higher value, is easy to operate and it can easily interface with link encryptors from major vendors on the market. It also embeds enhanced trusted security components, such as tamper detection, a secure memory module as well as IDQ’s latest QRNG technology (IDQ20MC1 QRNG chip) which provides proven randomness for all the related crypto storage.

The newly launched Cerberis XGR is an open QKD platform designed for academia, research institutes and innovation labs wanting to evaluate and test the technology. Users can experiment different parameter set-up and configurations, in both automated and manual modes. The Cerberis XGR will help teams get started with QKD and evaluate how it fits into networks. Its design and associated services are made to help any organization get started now and lead quantum innovation in their respective field.

In contrast to conventional key distribution algorithms, QKD is the only known cryptographic technique which offers forward security, resilient to new attack algorithms and upcoming quantum computers. A significant advantage of QKD technology resides in the fact that its reliability is not impacted by technological advancements nor time.

At ID Quantique, we are convinced that quantum technologies will play a major role in how we manage and secure data in the future. We highly encourage organizations and governments to get ready now.

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If you want to lean more: https://www.idquantique.com/xg-series-qkd/

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