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SpeQtral, ITB and Kennlines Capital Group, Signs MOU to Develop Quantum Secure Networks in Indonesia to Thwart Eavesdroppers

(Finance.Yahoo) SpeQtral, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Bandung Institute of Technology (SEEI-ITB) and Kennlines Capital Group have collaborated to develop a Quantum secure network in Indonesia.
Commencing with a signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on Thursday, 20th February 2020, in the Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Sapta Pesona Building, the three institutions officially started the collaboration. This ceremony focused on a commitment to foster awareness of the benefits of Quantum Communication Technology for broad telecommunications network security in Indonesia.
Chune Yang Lum as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SpeQtral said, “We believe that quantum communications have the power to transform the security of the world’s network.” He also explained that one application of the new technology of quantum communication is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which can be used to securely distribute encryption keys that are safe from eavesdroppers.
Along with the advancing development of QKD technology throughout the world, Mirza Whibowo Soenarto as Chairman of the Kennlines Capital Group said that this technology has the potential to be practiced in the fields of government and defense, telecommunications, network security, banking and enterprise systems. “Indonesia needs networks that meet the highest levels of security to minimize losses caused by unwanted parties and QKD is a solution to these problems.”

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