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South Korea Plans Large Scale Quantum Cryptography Adoption

(TheRegister) The Republic of Korea took two steps into the future by announcing that it will initiate large-scale adoption of communications protected by quantum encryption.
The quantum tests will build on demos conducted in 2020, but this time South Korea’s government hopes to involve multiple industries and to educate them on the benefits of the tech and how to adopt it.
The aim of the tests is creating an ecosystem of players that eventually translates into wide adoption of quantum crypto for everyday communications among businesses, and a thriving industry.
Another factor in play is that the US President Biden and South Korean President Moon met at a summit last weekend and among the joint initiatives agreed on was developing “a future-oriented partnership by leading innovation” on quantum tech, plus AI, 5G and 6G, open-RAN, and clean energy tech.”
South Korea’s announcement of its new quantum initiative mentions its desire to collaborate with its ally.

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