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Sollensys announces completion of preliminary validation test of blockchain verification algorithm resistant to quantum computing attack

By IQT News posted 16 Feb 2022

(MorningStar) Sollensys Corp, one of the first cybersecurity company’s using blockchain, has announced the completion of a preliminary validation test of a blockchain verification algorithm which is resistant to an attack by even the most sophisticated quantum computer. The validation test, which utilized a form of lattice-based cryptography, was performed using a Sollensys Blockchain Archive ServerTM to secure a data cache of the size typically generated on a daily basis by a large banking corporation.
Although quantum computing is not yet developed to a high technology readiness level, neither are the defenses against the algorithms that quantum computation promises. Recent advances in quantum computer hardware capabilities suggest a rapidly shifting landscape in which quantum computing poses a systemic threat to blockchain integrity and security viability.
“Today the Sollensys double blockchain technology represents the industry-leading approach for data security.However, the rapidly evolving capability posed by quantum computers, especially if exploited by nefarious actors, is an emerging and salient threat for tomorrow,” said Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp. “In order to proactively thwart such vulnerabilities, Sollensys is developing a portfolio of algorithms which are verifiably resistant to an attack by a quantum computer. These new capabilities will seamlessly integrate into our double blockchain protocols as an option for our clients who continue to require the highest levels of ongoing data security. Further, the development of cryptographic algorithms which are ‘quantum resistant’ has been determined to be a national priority and Sollensys intends to be a leader in this space.”
The new suite of quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms will be offered as an option on other Sollensys data security products.
Sollensys Corp is a math, science, technology, and engineering solutions company offering products that ensure its clients’ data integrity through collection, storage, and transmission. The flagship product is the Blockchain Archive Server, a turnkey, off-the-shelf, blockchain solution that works with virtually any hardware and software combinations currently used in commerce, without the need to replace or eliminate any part of the client’s data security that is being utilized.

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