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Software Vendors: Using Y2Q (Years To Quantum) To Their Advantage

Quantum Coverage
By IQT News posted 27 Feb 2019

(InsideQuantumTechnologyBlog) With the increasing progress being made on quantum computers, there is an increasing concern that public key encryption algorithms like RSA and Diffie-Hellman will be at risk due to Shor’s algorithm that can factor large numbers on a quantum computer. Although breaking these public key encryption codes will take a large quantum computer that may not be available for another 8-10 years, many vendors of enterprise software include these public key encryption algorithms within any piece of software that involves communication of information.
It may be premature for software companies to support some form of quantum resistant encryption, but Inside Quantum Technology believes that we have already reached the stage where software vendors should indicate this feature is part of future product roadmaps. The threat of cybersecurity is visibly increasing and any recognition of the Y2Q threat to security and that a software vendor has future plans to counteract this can help makes responses to an RFI look more favorable to an IT executive.

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