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SK Telecom’s Alliance with IDQ Proving Successful with Quantum Cryptographic Communication Projects in Europe and US

( SK Telecom is transforming into a global company through active alliances with key partners at home and abroad. Bold investments over the years have begun to pay off for SK Telecom. An example is IDQ, the world’s No. 1 Swiss company in the field of quantum cryptographic communication acquired by SK Telecom for 70 billion won. In October in 2019, SK Telecom landed a quantum cryptographic communication projects in Europe and the United States in about one year since starting to partner with ID Quantique (IDQ). ID Quantique participates in a project promoted by the EU’s “quantum flagship” organization as the No. 1 supplier of quantum key distribution (QKD) devices.
The article is a broader discussion of SK Telecom’s technological cooperation with global companies in various fields where it can create synergies such as VR, cloud games, quantum cryptographic communication, mobile communication, media, and security.

Christopher Janes, ID Quantique Director, Technology Services North America, Has Agreed to Present “Next-Generation Quantum Networks and QKD” June 1 at ONLINE IQT-NYC Event

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