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SK Telecom Approves Global Standard for Quantum Key Distribution Application Network

 (BusinessKorea) SK Telecom announced on March 31 that its technical report on the security requirement for the quantum key distribution application network was finally approved as an international standard at an ITU-T conference held online from March 17-26.
In particular, this standard is the first quantum key distribution standard completed by the Study Group 17 (SG17), a research organization of the prestigious international organization International Telecommunication Union-T (ITU-T) that focuses on communication security.
SK Telecom set up a global standard on the level of security required for communication points that manage quantum key distribution along with security conditions required for the transmission of quantum keys between communication points far away from each other.
In April 2019, SK Telecom enhanced the security of 5G communication and LTE data transmission and reception by applying ID Quantique (IDQ)’s quantum key distribution technology to the Seoul-Daejeon section, a key transmission section of national data traffic.

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