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Singapore’s National Research Foundation Invests $25 Million in Quantum Engineering Program

( Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF) will invest $25 million over five years in a new Quantum Engineering Programme (QEP). With the new funding, the goal is to translate quantum science and technology into engineering devices and capabilities that meet industry needs. “The programme will connect Singapore researchers in quantum information, photonics devices, system engineering together with industry partners from the onset of the translation and development process to advance quantum technologies. Through this, we also build up a strong base of engineering talent who can tackle the technologically challenging aspects of fabricating quantum devices,” said George Loh, Director (Programmes) at NRF.
Research under QEP will create commercialisation opportunities in quantum cryptography to safeguard against cybersecurity threats, a robust ground-based time network, enhanced imaging and sensing technology and advanced manufacturing capability. Funding will be awarded in grants of up to $5 million, with the work undertaken by publicly-funded researchers, in collaboration with local and international industry partners.

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