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Singapore’s Centre for Quantum Technologies Releases Annual Report

( The Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) in Singapore released its 40-page Annual Report the end of April.  The Report highlight key results and achievements in a readable style.
Download a copy of the CQT 2019 Annual Report for features including:
An introduction to CQT’s work on quantum computing, featuring a scheme to encode and process information in the movement of trapped ions
Updates on commercial collaborations to advance quantum key distribution, in the NUS-Singtel Cyber Security R&D Lab and with imec through the national Quantum Engineering Programme
An overview of the scale of Singapore’s quantum research community – 44 groups nationwide – and the Quantum SG initiative established to strengthen it
An article on our work towards impact in the real-world, through collaboration with SGInnovate and support for start-ups
Alumni stories – which are now also collected on this webpage
Facts and figures on our publications, industry and outreach activites and awards

Reports for previous years are also available.
Presenting CQT’s Annual Report for 2018
March 25 2019
Presenting CQT’s Annual Report for 2017
March 26 2018

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