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Singapore-Based SpeQtral Partners with Israel’s QuantLR to Provide a Solution to Quantum Computer Attacks

(TheEdgeSingapore) Singaporean satellite-based quantum key distribution (QKD) operator SpeQtral is set to collaborate with Israel’s QuantLR, to create a solution that can connect any two points on earth.
QuantLR also provides QKD and specialises in fiber optics.
This collaboration will also be facilitated by a grant by the Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D (SIIRD) Foundation, which is a corporation between Enterprise Singapore (ESG) – the republic’s trade promotion arm – as well as the Israel Innovation Authority.
The SIIRD Foundation serves to foster industrial R&D collaborations between companies in Singapore and Israel.
As part of their partnership, SpeQtral and QuantLR will develop a space-to-terrestrial Secure Quantum Node that can transfer encryption keys seamlessly between the space and terrestrial fiber domains.

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