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Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russian Railways and TransTeleCom Have Carried Out a Test Run of Quantum Communications Technology at the Airport

(PRNewsWire) Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russian Railways and TransTeleCom have carried out a test run of a quantum line and demonstrated the work of quantum communications technology at Sheremetyevo International Airport.
The 5.5 km long quantum line connected Terminal F and the Data Center building located outside the airport premises. The stable operation of the quantum communication channel was demonstrated in real time on the existing fiber-optic communication line. The testing of the technology was carried out on the equipment made by the domestic companies Qrate and Security Code, which specialize in information security.
The test run of the quantum line and the experience of the first tests of quantum equipment on the infrastructure of Russian Railways JSC showed the prospects for this advanced technology in the transport industry. Sheremetyevo Airport was the first company in the aviation industry to test this promising technology, and it was highly praised by the airport’s information security and network infrastructure specialists. In particular, Sheremetyevo specialists noted the convenience and speed of setting up a secure communication channel, the reliability and stability of the signal, and the speed of detecting unauthorized attempts to connect to a secure channel.

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