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Seven Reasons to Be Excited About Quantum Computers

(InterestingEngineering) The author highlights some of the biggest reasons why people are so excited by quantum computing and how this emerging technology will go on to shape your life very shortly. First, you are provided a quick quantum computing introduction.
1. Quantum computing is based on “spooky” science: Due to the superposition principle, we are able to solve multiple problems in different ways.
2. Quantum computers can “hold uncertainty” in their head. A quantum computer will try all routes at once and “hold uncertainty in its head.”
3. Quantum computing will help us usher in the age of artificial intelligence. Quantum computing may be the push that we need to get beyond narrow AI.
4. We will have better cybersecurity. Emerging technology is being used to develop new encryption methods and to create ultra-secure communication thanks to the properties of quantum mechanics that drive the computers.
5. Quantum computers are already being used to develop exciting new technologies. Quantum computing will be used by tech companies, organizations, R&D, financial institutions, etc. If you are interested in playing around with a quantum computer, you can access IBM’s quantum computer via its website.
6. Weather forecasts will be much more accurate. Quantum computing will usher in a new age in weather forecasting and predicting natural disasters. Nearly 30% of the US GDP ($6 trillion) is directly or indirectly affected by weather, impacting food production, transportation, and retail trade, among others.
7. Quantum computing will help us create better life-saving drugs. Active drug research requires chemists to evaluate the interactions between molecules, proteins, and chemicals to see if medicines will improve certain conditions or cure diseases. There is a tremendous amount of combinations that need to be analyzed. Quantum computing could cut this curve in half, helping chemists discover viable drug options quicker.

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