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SES & U of Luxembourg Create Joint Lab for Satellite Systems in Next-Generation Networks Including Quantum Networks & Cybersecurity

(SatNews) ES and the University of Luxembourg Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust announced the creation of a joint lab that will explore the benefits of high-throughput satellite systems in the areas of next-generation networks, including quantum communications and cybersecurity. The agreement will see both institutions jointly use facilities at their respective sites to expand and strengthen their long-term partnership by leveraging Luxembourg’s R&D and SES’s industry leadership positions to explore next-generation technology.
In addition to this joint initiative, SES and SnT are also collaborating to leverage early access to Luxembourg’s supercomputer MeluXina. Rated as one of the most powerful in the world, the petascale computer is powered by green energy and is renowned for its business orientation, serving a large variety of complex data-driven computational workloads, such as Artificial Intelligence and more. In the framework of the joint SnT-SES lab, the team will test algorithms for radio resource allocation for broadband satellite communications systems to maximize the system performance and to dynamically assign the resources based on user traffic demands.

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