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A Serious Comic on Entanglement: ‘Totally Random-Why Nobody Understands Quantum Mechanics’

(PhysicsWorld) Jeffrey Bub, a physicist and philosopher at the University of Maryland, and his artist daughter Tanya Bub have created Totally Random – Why Nobody Understands Quantum Mechanics, a non-fiction graphic novel that is subtitled “a serious comic on entanglement”. Jeff and Tanya (represented as J and T, respectively) are heard but not seen in the comic, appearing as disembodied voices, with J explaining the “curious correlation” at the heart of quantum mechanics.
Totally Random provides an accessible introduction to questions of nonlocality, superposition and entanglement, topics that have relevancy for applications such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. There is an extensive notes section at the back of the book that will be useful for those who want to delve deeper into the material presented, and like all good comic books, there are ads for sea monkeys and X-ray specs at the very end.

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