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Seeqc Selected for $150,000 Phase I Award by Air Force Research Laboratory

(HPC.Wire) Seeqc announced that it has been selected as one of 23 companies to each receive a $150,000 Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) award from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, New York.
Seeqc is joined in this first-of-its-kind award by its partner in the project, NY CREATES, a world-leading R&D, innovation hub and commercialization facilitator in advanced digital, analog and power technologies.
The Air Force awarded Seeqc’s proposal, “Highly Manufacturable Fluxonium Qubits at 300mm Wafer Scale,” which outlines the necessary and repeatable industrial processes needed to manufacture fluxonium qubits. Fluxonium qubits are superconducting qubits that utilize Josephson junctions, have longer quantum coherence and are advantageous for building high fidelity circuits with large numbers of qubits.
In the first phase of the project, Seeqc will develop circuit designs that leverage the superconducting qubit fabrication processes being developed by NY CREATES professionals. The company and NY CREATES will work hand-in-hand during Phase I to establish the design and process parameters required to fabricate fluxonium qubits on 300 mm silicon wafers using state-of-the-art tools at the NY CREATES fab in Albany, NY. Once the team has completed that first phase and demonstrated feasibility, they will proceed with a second phase to demonstrate manufacturability of the qubits at 300mm scale.
Seeqc’s solution combines classical and quantum computing to form an all-digital architecture through a system-on-a-chip design that utilizes 10-40 GHz superconductive classical Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) co-processing to address the efficiency, stability and cost issues endemic to quantum computing systems.
Seeqc recently spun out of HYPRES, Inc., the world’s leading developer of superconductor electronics, to pursue a vision of making quantum computing useful, commercially and at scale.

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