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Seeqc institutes board of quantum scientists to guide SEEQC’s team

(HPCWire) SEEQC, the Digital Quantum Computing company, today announced the addition of a scientific advisory board to its leadership. This addition comes at a time when the company is unveiling a new brand identity and expanding its team internationally, including the appointment of Shu-Jen Han as its vice president of engineering.
SEEQC’s new scientific advisory board consists of leading academics from across the world, including Javad Shabani, assistant professor of physics at NYU, professors from the University of Napoli Federico II, Francesco Tafuri and Giovanni Piero Pepe, and Maxim Vavilov, professor at the University of Wisconsin.
The company instituted this board of quantum scientists to guide SEEQC’s team as they continue their mission to solve quantum computings’ most challenging problems. The board will help ensure that SEEQC bases its products, research and development on sound scientific data.
By integrating this team of scientists into SEEQC’s product roadmap, the company can internally peer-review its research and development and receive feedback and scientific advice more quickly than other commercial entities. This ensures that the company is receiving proper oversight and quality consultation as it advances its technological discoveries — expanding quantum’s reach from academia to real-world application.
“The fact that half of my fellow board members work in foreign universities, and many of us have international backgrounds, should not be overlooked. SEEQC is an international company, and it is incorporating that element of itself at every level,” said advisory board member, Francesco Tafuri. “By bringing together this group of international scientists, SEEQC is getting access to even more experience than by engaging exclusively with American universities. These individuals bring a rich and diverse history of scientific research and experience to the company with them.”
In addition to expanding its leadership with the advisory board, SEEQC has also appointed industry veteran Dr. Shu-Jen Han as its vice president of engineering. Han brings more than a decade of experience in the nanotechnology and semiconductor industry to SEEQC, as well as world-class expertise in logic and memory chip-making — a critical component of scaling the company’s system-on-a-chip quantum design.

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