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SeeDevice the “Future of Quantum-Enhanced Image Sensors”

SeeDevice is a pioneer in the image sensor industry providing a quantum sensor solution with their patented QMOS™ technology. The principal technology combines plasmonic and quantum tunneling to provide a performance far exceeding the competition. QMOS™ is capable of viewing into the SWIR (shortwave infrared) region of the light spectrum while being purely CMOS, allowing it to maintain a low cost and scalability without compromising performance.
Recently, SeeDevice was recognized as the ‘Company of the Year 2023’ by Semiconductor Review and ‘Most Innovative Image Technology Company 2023’ by Corporate Vision Magazine.
“SWIR has not been actively explored due to technical and costly limitations despite its high potential. Through our QMOSTM using quantum mechanics, we will be the game changer for popularizing SWIR sensors worldwide by utilizing them not only for industrial applications but also for products that are more accessible to consumers,” said Dr. Kim.
SeeDevice Inc., a fabless company based in California celebrated its first successful debut at Inside Quantum Technology’s conference on Quantum Cybersecurity, Networking, and Sensors held on October 24-26 in New York City. Founder and CEO of SeeDevice, Dr. Hoon Kim, was invited to present his topic on the “Future of Quantum-Enhanced Image Sensors” to an audience filled with industry leaders and experts from government officials to top researchers in quantum technologies.
Dr. Kim’s speech discussed SeeDevice’s QMOS™ (quantum effect CMOS) SWIR sensor as well as the solution to many limitations current quantum sensors face. He presented many benefits of combining quantum technology and CMOS sensors, how QMOS™ sensor used in the company’s ongoing biometrics project is able to non-invasively measure glucose level, and the applications the sensor can be used for including automotive, consumer electronics, biomedical, agriculture, and surveillance products.

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