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Sectigo Announces Educational Resources to Help Enterprises Prepare for Quantum Computing

(BusinessWire) To help enterprises prepare for the implications of quantum computing, Sectigo, the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a provider of purpose-built and automated PKI management solutions, has created a broad set of 15 educational resources for security industry professionals in the form of a whitepaper, podcast episodes and transcriptions, and articles.
By its nature, quantum computing is highly effective at factorizing numbers, which means quantum computers will be many orders of magnitude faster at the calculations necessary to break the RSA and ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) encryption that underpins our digital systems today. This efficiency gain is so monumental that increasing the key sizes of these cryptographic schemes is not a viable solution. Rather, the world’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems will have to migrate to one or more new, quantum-resistant encryption algorithms before quantum computers break current encryption methods.
To educate the cybersecurity community, Sectigo has the following quantum-resistant cryptography resources available:
The Search for Quantum Resistant Cryptography
Root Causes Podcast Episodes & Blog Posts:
Cryptographic Quantum Apocalypse (Transcript)
Quantum-Resistant Cryptography (Transcript)
Mosca’s Inequality, Mad Max, and Mohawks (Transcript)
The Search for Quantum-Resistant Crypto (Transcript)
Will Quantum Annealing Break Cryptography? (Transcript)
Entropy and Random Numbers (Transcript)
Forbes: Quantum-Resistant Cryptography: Our Best Defense Against an Impending Quantum Apocalypse
Datacenter Dynamics: Cryptographic Security and the Quantum Apocalypse

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