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SavantX Partnering with D-Wave to Help Trucking Companies Optimizing Loads and Driver Retention.

(FreightWaves) Jackson, Wyoming-based SavantX recently formed a partnership with D-Wave Systems Inc., a Burnaby, Canada-based company that develops and offers quantum computing systems, software and services.
With D-Wave’s quantum services, SavantX has begun offering its Hyper Optimization Nodal Efficiency (HONE) technology to solve optimization problems to customers such as the Pier 300 container terminal project at the Port of Los Angeles.
The project, which began last year, is a partnership between SavantX, Blume Global and Fenix Marine Services. The project’s goal is to optimize logistics on the spacing and placement of shipping containers to better integrate with inbound trucks and freight trains. The Pier 300 site handles 1.2 million container lifts per year.
“With Pier 300, when do you need trucks at the pier and when and how do you get them scheduled optimally?,” Heinbockel said. “So the appointing part of it is very important and that is a facet of HONE technology.”
SavantX’s president and chief executive officer Ed Heinbockel said he’s excited about how a powerful new generation of quantum computers can bring practical solutions to industries such as trucking and cargo transport.

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