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Samsung A71 5G to Launch in S. Korea with a Quantum Encryption Chip

( The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G reportedly will launch with a Quantum Encryption chip technology in South Korea.
According to reports from South Korean news agencies, Samsung and SK Telecom are gearing up for the launch of a smartphone equipped with Quantum technology chip for encryption. The device in question is expected to be announced in May 2020 and will be found in the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. The South Korean tech giant will be integrating the Quantum encryption chip into the motherboard of the handset (with reports also claiming a rebranding to Samsung Galaxy Quantum).
A Quantum encryption chip technology enhances a smartphone’s data protection. In other words, it improves the security of the device and helps in better protecting sensitive data held within a device. Furthermore, it will make it harder for hackers to steal data from a handset.

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