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S. Korea’s Defense Agency to Promote Research of Non-Weapon Core Technologies Such as Quantum Computing & AI

By IQT News posted 15 Jul 2020

(AjuDaily) South Korea’s state body controlled by the Defense Ministry has revised work guidelines to promote the development of non-weapon core technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing through the more active participation of academic and industrial sectors participate in short and long term defense projects.
The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said in a statement that the research and development of defense products and technologies will be conducted through package-type short and long term projects involving academics, related industries and private research labs.
“We have drastically increased the involvement rate of academics, related industries and research centers in defense research projects,” a DAPA official was quoted as saying. DAPA said it has prepared a reward system that exempts private companies from penalties when they fail to fulfill a project.

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