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Russia’s Quanttelecom Developing Quantum Communication Technology for Transport-Specific COnditions

(UrgentComm) Russian company Quanttelecom is developing a quantum communication technology for protection of transport-related data against man-in-the-middle attacks.
So far, the developer has made three real-world implementations in the national road transport system, including 500, 125 and 50 miles fiber-optic lines. As quantum technologies advance at pace, more companies are thinking how to apply them to the challenges facing road transport.
Quanttelecom is trying to adapt to transport-specific conditions. “By exploring into the (available) technologies and standards used for protecting data in exchange of information between automobiles and transport environment we are trying to formulate a proper concept of embedding quantum communications to secure the data,” said Igor Nalivayko, commercial director at Quanttelecom, in a phone interview.
“With QKD, data security level rises exponentially making even quantum computers useless for malicious actions,” said Nalivayko, “because a larger overall amount of data is encrypted, keys are often changed and each key protects significantly less amount of data.”

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