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Russia to Create Platform for Quantum Internet

( Russia is actively working on creating a quantum Internet, according to Russian news agency TASS.
Russia/s ITMO (Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics) National Research University jointly with Russian Venture Company (RVC) and based on Russian Railways infrastructure will establish a platform for a quantum Internet. Some 300 mln rubles ($4 mln) will be earmarked for this ambitious project. This software will make it possible to transmit confidential information of different types and volume, RVC told Izvestia.
The creators of this platform expect that their first clients will be financial organizations, state corporations, production enterprises and infrastructure facilities. Quantum cryptography will ensure the highest degree of data protection, market sources say.
“In the future, the ITMO Leading Research Center plans a large-scale implementation of its developments in Russia and will make it a logistic and communication center between Europe and Asia and guarantee quick and safe transmission of information for real sectors of the global economy,” RVC’s Director General Alexander Povalko said.
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