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Rise of the Dragon: China’s Innovation In Quantum Satellite Technology In 2021

By IQT News posted 31 Dec 2021

(EurAsiaTimes) China is reported to have developed a Satellite Quantum System. The scientists involved in this project say that the quantum communication network that China has created in space will protect its electric power grid against potential cyber-attacks. The communist country has the world’s largest national power grid infrastructure.
Part of the network links the power grid of Fujian, the southeastern province closest to Taiwan, to a national emergency command center in Beijing. In May, the central government staff took part in a drill wherein they used the ultra-secure communication line to take control of the coastal province’s power grid operation.
Their commands were not vulnerable to tapping or manipulation by a third party.
China has also made progress with other types of satellites that can be used by its defense forces. Beijing claims to have launched a satellite that is capable of taking high-resolution photos of cities in the US from space.
According to experts, the Beijing-3 satellite — a small one-ton craft — captured photographs of a vast region around a US city in just 42 seconds.

China’s growing military prowess dominated global headlines in 2021. Beijing’s fast-paced developments — be it the innovation in hypersonic technology, indigenous aircraft, or naval power — took the world by surprise and sent the alarm bells ringing in the West.

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