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Rigetti & Quantum Brilliance Included in August 2020 Startup Funding Report for Semiconductor Industry

(SemiEngineering) Quantum computing startups were in the monthly financing report from SemiEngineering This month, the publication featured 17 startups that collectively raised over $1B. “Semiconductor startups were hot this month, with big funding going to designers and chip analytics. . .a growing quantum computer developer saw a funding boost.”

Quantum computing Startup Funding:
—Quantum computer builder Rigetti Computing raised $79.0M in Series C funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners and joined by Franklin Templeton, Alumni Ventures Group, Data Collective DCVC, EDBI, Morpheus Ventures, and Northgate Capital. Rigetti designs and fabricates quantum systems using its dedicated fab. Most recently, Rigetti released a 32-qubit quantum computer that is currently available through Amazon Braket and the company’s own cloud service. Founded in 2013 and based in Berkeley, Calif., the company has raised a total of $198.5M to date.
–Quantum Brilliance raised AU$1.6M (~$1.2M) in seed funding from CP Ventures for its diamond-based quantum microprocessors that can operate at room temperature. Based in Canberra, Australia, and founded in 2019 as a spin-out from the Australian National University, Quantum Brilliance recently teamed up with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre on a quantum innovation hub.

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