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Researchers in Paris Demonstrate Quantum Communication is Superior to Classical Methods

By IQT News posted 20 Dec 2018

(QuantaMagazine) Eleni Diamanti, an electrical engineer at Sorbonne University and Iordanis Kerenidis, a computer scientist at Paris Diderot University, and Niraj Kumar have conducted a new experiment out of Paris has demonstrated, for the first time, that quantum communication is superior to classical ways of transmitting information. “We are the first to show a quantum advantage for transmitted information that two parties have to share to perform a useful task,” said Eleni Diamanti, co-author of the result.
The new experiment is an unalloyed triumph over classical methods. The researchers went into the experiment knowing exactly how much information needed to be transmitted classically to solve the problem. They then indisputably demonstrated that it could be solved in a far leaner fashion by quantum means. “It’s the sort of proof-of-principle stuff you have to do if you’re going to build up a real quantum network,” said Graeme Smith, a physicist at JILA in Boulder, Colorado, who works on quantum technology.

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