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Researchers Efforts Use Quantum Light to Track Enzyme Reactions on Path to Developing Quantum Sensors

(ScienceDaily) A multidisciplinary team of researchers showed that quantum light can be used to track enzyme reactions in real time. The work brings together quantum physics and biology in an important step toward the development of quantum sensors for biomedical applications.
“Although it might be a few years before practical quantum sensors are achieved, this type of proof-of-principle experiment is important,” said research team leader Ilaria Gianani from Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Italy. “It helps pinpoint the areas where we can start building shared knowledge with other fields and reveals where technological advancement is needed to make progress.”
“This work is just one example of what quantum sensors could do,” said Gianani. “Quantum sensors could be used to optimally use light for countless applications, including biological imaging, magnetic field sensing and even detection of gravitational waves.”
The researchers say that there are some technological aspects to address before their approach could become a go-to method for tracking enzymatic reactions.

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