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Researchers at U Sheffield Awarded £ 6.1 M to Study Luminescent Semiconductors for Quantum Science and Technology

(IlinoisNewsToday) Researchers at the University of Sheffield have been awarded £ 6.1 million to study luminescent semiconductor nanostructures.
The program, led by Professor Maurice Scornick, aims to leverage advanced technology to discover a radically new system of nanophotonic phenomena that may underpin next-generation quantum technology.
The team, which includes eight collaborators from the University of Sheffield, University College London, and the University of Manchester, received a £ 6.1 million grant from the Institute of Engineering and Physical Sciences for this research.
“By using this, we aim to achieve fundamental advances in quantum photonics, from the region of several photons to the density of states containing tens of millions of electrons, holes, and photons. The results have great potential to support next-generation quantum technology.“

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