Inside Quantum Technology

Research from Institute for Quantum Computing Vets Protocols for Quantum-Secured Communication Networks

( The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) researchers have developed a new tool for evaluating the security of a broad class of protocols that can take advantage of existing telecom infrastructure to deploy large quantum-secured communication networks in the near-future.
(IQC) PhD student Jie Lin, Master’s student Twesh Upadhyaya and faculty member Norbert Lütkenhaus demonstrates the security of a class of QKD protocols that could be both practical and affordable for widespread adoption on our current telecommunications networks.
The work builds on previous research by Lütkenhaus’ Optical Quantum Communication Theory Group that developed an easy-to-use software tool to evaluate many QKD protocols. The new research extends the tool to highly promising CVQKD protocols compatible with mainstream telecommunications infrastructure.
The combination of security, versatility and practicality means that CVQKD protocols are a cost-effective way to secure our vital information with secret keys in future quantum communications networks.

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