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(Quantum.Gov) IQT-News is providing summary below the Executive Summary of the  report prepared for President Biden on “The Role of International Talent in Quantum Information’. The information-dense report is 13 pages and wellworth the time to review.
The report was prepared by several committees of the The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). This agency is is the principal means by which the Executive Branch coordinates science and technology policy across the diverse entities that make up the Federal research and development enterprise. A primary objective of the NSTC is to ensure science and technology policy decisions and programs are consistent with the President’s stated goals.

The Executive Summary:
This report highlights the critical role that international talent plays in ensuring a vibrant and successful
U.S. research enterprise in QIST, including the importance of close collaboration with foreign partners,
while also stressing the importance of protecting the technology and expertise of the United States and
our international partners. It finds that maintaining a strong flow of international students and
researchers is an essential component to developing the expert QIST workforce required to achieve U.S.
QIST goals as part of an advancing global research enterprise.
To ensure continued U.S. leadership in QIST, this report recommends the following:
1. The United States should continue to develop and support policies that welcome talented
individuals from all over the world, while implementing appropriately balanced protections
that mitigate potential research security concerns.
2. Federal organizations should engage in close collaboration with allies and partners to ensure a
vibrant and secure international QIST ecosystem that is underpinned by shared values and
principles including freedom of inquiry, merit-based competition, openness and transparency,
accountability, and reciprocity.
3. The NSTC Subcommittee on Quantum Information Science (SCQIS) should develop a five-year
strategic plan for QIST workforce development, to assess evolving workforce needs, grow the
domestic pool of talent, and foster ways to attract and retain top QIST talent from around the
4. Federal organizations that fund research, development, and acquisition of QIST should develop
coordinated, comprehensive technology protection plans to safeguard intellectual capital and property, while accounting for specific mission needs. These measures should address current
and evolving methods used to target U.S. technology, while promoting U.S. ideals of open and
transparent R&D.

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