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Registration Open for iQuHACK, MIT’s Annual Quantum Hackathon

(IProgrammerInfoNews) iQuHACK (interdisciplinary Quantum HACKathon) is MIT’s annual quantum hackathon. It aims to bring students (high school through early-career professionals) from a diverse set of backgrounds, including physics, computer science, and chemistry, amongst others, to explore improvements and applications of near-term quantum devices.
The 2021 hackathon will take place online between January 30 – 31 and there is also a preparatory workshop on Friday, January 29, focused on the properties and applications of NISQ devices. Teams must have at least 3 and no more than 5 members. Although participants are welcome to form teams on their own prior to the event, there will be a period at the beginning of the event for team formation.
The event is organized by the MIT student group iQuISE comprised on graduate students and post-docs with research interests in experimental and theoretical quantum information science, computation, and communication. While basic familiarity with Python is required, There’s no need to have a background in quantum information as coaches from hardware sponsors will be available throughout the event. You can expect to be introduced to the basics of quantum circuits, algorithms and the types of projects that can be done with D-Wave’s quantum annealing hardware or IonQ’s trapped-ion quantum computing hardware.
Registration for this hackathon is limited. To take part you first need apply by completing a form that, as well as requiring your email address and the name of your university, asks you to choose all the areas that you have had experience in from a list that includes: Quantum Computation; Quantum Mechanics; Software design or engineering; Algorithms; Chemistry; Visual design and Basic programming. The information you provide will only be available to members of the iQuISE Exec Board and will only be used for the purpose of inviting people to join the hackathon which will be done by email after registration closes.

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