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REDDS Capital’s Ibaraki: “Quantum Computing Proof of Concept Projects Abound with Commercialization Already Happening”

(Forbes) Quantum computing (QC) proof of concept (POC) projects abound in 2021 with commercialization already happening in pilots and building to broader adoption before 2025. This is in sharp contrast to 2015 where the forecasts were 20 years out or more to have practical applications in use and providing real benefits beyond digital computing.
Author Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman and Managing General Partner REDDS Capita, explains nearly 50% of businesses see applications for QC in five years though most don’t fully understand how this will come about. In this article, he highlights examples and key ones to follow.
Several pivotal events are the catalyst for 2021 QC POCs and this beyond the billions in funding from governments (examples: government reported billion plus funding in the US and 10 plus billion in China).
• 2019: Google with Quantum Supremacy
• 2020: IBM, Google and others—chemical molecular-bonding simulations thus practical application potential s
• 2020: IBM 1 million qubit roadmap by 2030 (Quantum Advantage 1,121 qubit system by 2023).
• 2020 Honeywell Quantum Solutions—10x Quantum Volume annually (2025: QV of 650,000) (model H0 QV 128; model H1 with 32 atomic ions released in Oct 2020)
• Dec 2020: USTC (China) Quantum Computer—Gaussian boson sampling (
• IonQ 2020 32 QB, QV 4 million = 22 Algorithmic Qubits (AQ = Log(2,QV)) – AQ 64 2025
• many more pivotal events and frequency increasing to weekly.

Major vendors on Ibaraki’s radar screen of ones to follow and research further:
Rigetti, IonQ, QIC (Quantum Circuits), D-Wave, Google, Amazon (Braket), Microsoft (Azure Quantum), Honeywell (Quantum Solutions), IBM (Quantum Network), Intel, Atom Computing, Xanadu, ColdQuanta, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Rahko, PsiQuantum, UK-based Universal Quantum, Alpine Quantum Technology in Innsbruck, Austria; Silicon Quantum Computing in Sydney, Australia; Cambridge Riverlane DeltaFlow.OS for Quantum Computing, Zapata, QC Ware, 1Qbit, Strangeworks, Entropica Labs.
The leading QC POCs are in AI/ML, financial services, molecular simulation, material science, oil/gas, security, manufacturing, transportation/logistics, IT, and healthcare (pharmaceuticals). The largest near and far-term benefits are in financial services with JP Morgan, BBVA, and Goldman Sachs actively exploring QC. Three leaders to follow are Stefan Woerner (IBM), Will Zeng (Goldman Sachs), Marco Pistoia (JP Morgan).

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