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Raytheon Co. & United Technologies Complete All-Stock Merger; One Focus of Newly Formed Raytheon Technologies is Quantum Information Research

(MilitaryAerospace) Executives of the Raytheon Co. in Waltham Mass. and United Technologies Corp. in Farmington, Conn., have completed an all-stock merger to form a new company called Raytheon Technologies Corp., one of the largest aerospace and defense companies in the world.The new company has expertise in quantum physics, electric propulsion, directed energy, hypersonics, avionics, and cyber security.

Click here for the new Raytheon website Raytheon technologies is working on innovations that will bring a lot of change and quantum information science is one of those technologies. Zac Dutton, who leads quantum information research at Raytheon Technologies briefly discusses quantum technology in defense, “Whether you’re in the intelligence community with satellites, or the DoD with radars; whether you’re working in commercial sales, or big-data mining of some kind, everybody is trying to solve problems and come up with the most efficient way to deploy their resources,” Dutton said. “Those are exactly the problems quantum computing can solve most quickly.”
“Quantum mechanics, to our knowledge, is the ultimate law of the physical universe. If you fully understand that and you implement a processing machine that fully utilizes quantum properties,” he said, “you have the most powerful machine possible.”

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