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Raytheon BBN Technologies Uses Josephson Junction to Detect Single Photon; Significant Potential for Enabling Quantum Computing & Networking

(TechExplorist) Scientists at Raytheon BBN Technologies see this as an opportunity. They have developed a new way to detect a single photon or particle of light. This new method works a little like a highway, where superconducting charges play the role of cars.
This discovery could have significant applications for sensors, communications, and exponentially more powerful quantum computer processors.
The work uses a component called a Josephson junction.
Kin Chung Fong, a quantum information processing scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies and a research associate at Harvard University, said, “A Josephson junction in quantum computing is analogous to a transistor for modern electronics, so they are super important. Our new device enables this basic unit in quantum computing to communicate through as little as one photon. It will improve the speed in the communication and can do quantum networking and sensing possible.”

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