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QuSTEAM Initiative Awarded $5 Million from NSF to Advance Quantum Science Education

(UChicago) A multidisciplinary, multi-institutional program led by Ohio State is taking its next step in its aim to develop a diverse, effective and contemporary quantum-ready workforce by revolutionizing and creating more equitable pathways to quantum science education.
QuSTEAM: Convergence Undergraduate Education in Quantum Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, was awarded $5 million from the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator. The University of Chicago is one of the partnering institutions, as is the Chicago Quantum Exchange, a growing hub for the research and development of quantum technology that is based at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering.
The award will fund Phase II’s objective to build transformative, modular quantum science degree and certification programs.
“NSF’s Convergence Accelerator is focused on accelerating solutions toward societal impact. Within three years, funded teams are to deliver high-impact results, which is fast for product development,” said Douglas Maughan, head of the NSF Convergence Accelerator program. “During Phase II, QuSTEAM and nine other 2020 cohort teams will participate in an Idea-to-Market curriculum to assist them in developing their solution further and to create a sustainability plan to ensure the effort provides a positive impact beyond NSF funding.”

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