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QuSecure announces QuEverywhere quantum-safe orchestration solution

QuSecure discusses its work with the U.S. military to achieve post-quantum computing (PQC) standards.

QuSecure discusses its work with the U.S. military to achieve post-quantum computing (PQC) standards.

One of the big challenges in making the world quantum-safe is that it’s a big, wide world with potentially billions of devices, websites and applications to protect from the cryptographically relevant quantum computers (CRQC) that are on the way.

Depending on your outlook, it could be a decade or as little as a few years before CRQC threats become real, but the concern in any case is that implementing post-quantum cryptography (PQC) could take longer than it will take for the CRQC era to arrive in force. QuSecure, one of the companies that already is rolling out PQC solutions, is trying to make it easier to protect the largest number of assets possible from quantum threats.

The company this week announced launched QuEverywhere, what it describes as a quantum-safe orchestration solution that is part of its existing QuProtect offering, and that can protect encrypted private data “on any website or mobile application with quantum-resilient connections and sessions, all with no end-user installation required.” The company added that “organizations can benefit from post-quantum cybersecurity protection which brings quantum-safe encryption and the ability to dynamically upgrade cryptographic protections to connections between all devices and endpoints to protect sensitive data wherever it travels without installing software at the endpoint.”

QuEverywhere achieves via a post-quantum channel over the public internet that serves as a quantum-safe conduit for data to reach devices outside an organization’s data center or cloud environment. For highly transactional industries such as banking and finance, QuEverywhere provides protection for data and transactions on-premises or in the
cloud, on a mobile device or desktop browser, or in a networked system, without requiring users to install software. For example, financial institutions can use QuSecure’s quantum-safe encryption channels to protect bank deposits and transactions made by customers on mobile applications or browsers, while also securing payments from mobile apps or electronic funds transfer software.

One such financial sector client is Swiss firm VeroWay, an alternative core banking and digital fulfillment software solution provider that serves more than 15 million users worldwide. It chose to deploy QuEverywhere because it has the capability to help scale VeroWay’s decentralized core banking engine to more than 100 million wallets, according to a QuSecure statement.

“The threat to networks, systems and data from quantum attacks is real, especially in the realm of digital assets,” said David Kalberer, Executive Director of VeroWay. “That is why we chose to work with QuSecure as they are the leader in intelligent switched network security. Their team and expertise are exceptional, having made our transition to a quantum-safe environment simple and seamless.”

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