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QunaSys hosts a Quantum Chemistry Challenge at QHack 2022

(HPC.Wire) QunaSys Inc., is sponsoring and holding a Quantum Chemistry Challenge during the 2022 QHack Open Hackathon Week (February 14-25th) to develop quantum chemistry use-cases.
This challenge aims to create industrially specific use cases such as chemical reactions and phase transitions though quantum algorithms. Participants will have the option to use Qamuy, a quantum chemical calculation software for free to easily create their own chemistry applications. Qamuy is widely used by numerous companies in the chemical industry and enables users to easily test global reaction route mapping for controlling chemical reactions and molecular dynamics to understand material changes, amongst other properties.
The top ten winners would win a pair of SONY wireless headphones or a Nintendo Switch console, with the top two eligible for a one-month summer internship with the quantum chemistry application development team at QunaSys’ Tokyo office which includes 300,000 yen salary, an airplane ticket to Tokyo, and accommodation.
QunaSys has contributed to the creation of the quantum computing industry by developing easy-to-use software tools like Qamuy, fostering collaboration between companies establishing QPARC’s quantum computing consortium in Japan, and with international collaborations with organizations such as IEEE and Pistoia Alliance. QunaSys will share its industry learnings and development tools to enable participants to test and simulate quantum algorithms.
“We are looking forward to seeing what interesting developments the participants and together contribute to further learnings for the applicability of quantum computing for chemistry.”– Tennin Yan, QunaSys Inc. CEO.
“The QunaSys team is one of the best in the world, pushing forward quantum chemistry and quantum computing like no one else. We are thrilled for them to take part in this year’s QHack. For anyone who wants to hack away in the quantum chemistry space, they have put some amazing prizes up for grabs,” said Nathan Killoran, Xanadu’s Head of Software & Algorithms and Lead Developer of PennyLane.
Sign up now for this online event to experience interactive scientific talks from inspiring speakers from across the quantum community, a variety of coding challenges, amazing prizes, and a chance to showcase your creativity and problem-solving capabilities in the free-form Open Hackathon where QunaSys will host the Quantum Chemistry Challenge.

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