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QuiX Sells Quantum Processor to France’s Quandela

(InnovationOrigins) Dutch quantum photonics company QuiX is supplying the plug-and-play processor with which France intends to take the next step in the development of quantum technology. The French quantum computer is being built by Quandela.
QuiX sold another processor last month to Quontrol, a British quantum technologies start-up. They are one of very few companies to have sold such a product
“Last year, we demonstrated the largest photonic processor in the world,” says Jelmer Renema, CTO at QuiX. “The main difference with ours is it’s a turnkey product – not as something that looks like what might come out of a university collaboration.”
Recently, President Macron presented the French national quantum technology program, which shows that the country is firmly committed to photonics.

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